steam swivel joints


Several equipment for the use of steam swivel joints

Author Qing Bang; Zhu Xun;

Steam rotary joint is widely used in our country. At present, in addition to the H type water swivel joint can be compared with it, there are several other types of rotary joints are not so extensive market. Today, let's talk about some of the typical equipment for installing steam swivel joints. Let us have a better understanding of the use of swivel joints. Rotating joints model specifications, the current use of the largest and the largest number is undoubtedly the paper mill. Q type rotary joint paper mill is generally use two inches and a half inches. Long net paper machine, one to use dozens of rotating joints. Whiteboard coating machine more. Especially some high-speed paper machines in recent years. Requirements for rotating joints are also high. A high-speed machine in a large paper mill, let alone. The big ones use ten inches, eight inches. At present, the domestic manufacture of such rotary joints are mainly Wuxi (United States), Johnson and Wuxi Teng xuan. The large siphon system provides convenience for paper mills. The number of steam swivel joints used in the paperboard production line is quite large. A corrugating machine uses five rotating joints, plus a preheated cylinder. A five story cardboard production line requires twenty or thirty swivel joints. Now, in order to speed up the paperboard production line, most of the large steam rotary joints are used. Some also use heat transfer oil. From the early board production line with an inch and two inch, to present an inch and a half inches and, as can be imagined after cardboard production line speed process much. However, Taiwan paperboard production line or use one inch two more. This has a lot to do with the width of the cardboard. Although there are not many rotary joints used in sizing machines, the speed is still very fast. Because sizing is mostly business related yarn. Steam must be used to dye the yarn. Therefore, the sizing machine uses steam rotary joints. Including Ribbon Factory, too. Ribbon dyeing after drying stereotypes, must be steam rotary joints. However, most of the belt shaping machine uses TM308 printing and dyeing special rotary joint. Most of the steam rotary joints used in printing and dyeing plants are two kinds of 36X4 teeth and 45X3 teeth. After printing and dyeing to dry stereotypes. The most widely used enterprise online has more than 2000 sets of rotary joint. However, because the printing and dyeing factory is everywhere water traces, so the requirements of rotary joints is not very high. The leak will continue to be used. Therefore, the frequency of replacement is low. The internal structure of the printing and rotating joint is the same as that of the Q type. It has few fittings and simple structure. Easy maintenance and repair. Some want to replace with other rotating joints, but not accepted by the market. The use of steam rotary joints, as well as non-woven fabric manufacturing industry. Non-woven fabric is not used much spin joint. But non-woven fabric is the base cloth for synthetic leather. The non-woven cloth factory are themselves in the production of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is also called synthetic leather. Most of our sneakers are made of this material. Well, it's called microfiber leather. Non-woven fabrics are made from pure cotton. Permeability and even better than the real leather wear. Some equipment, however, uses heat transfer oils. But the dry process and wet process of super fiber leather can not be separated from steam. So, do you have steam?. Of course, because of the cooling requirement, the amount of H type swivel joint is quite large.