Rotary joint specification


Rotary joint specification, model, secret

Author Qing Bang; Zhu Xun;


            There are many people who can not understand the specifications and specifications of rotary joints. We usually see the rotating joint specifications, models marked with 15A/20A/25A/32A/40A/50A. Others say four / six / inch / inch, two / an inch and a half. Why is there a different name? In a few days, we will talk about the rotating joint model specifications.

Say the swivel is four / six / inch / inch two / inch. This representation generally refers to the size of the connecting equipment of the swivel joint. Many swivel joints are made in accordance with our everyday plumbing teeth. So we also become the number of pipe teeth. In this way, it is easy to compare and match transition fittings and other related parts. After all, water pipes have always been in common use in society. That's one of the reasons why rotary joints that make metric teeth have been out of fashion. If we use metric rotary joint, we should be equipped with hose, joint, elbow and so on. The plumbing shop is out of the question.

      And our rotating joint manufacturer marked "15A/20A/25A/32A/40A/50A" these rotating joint model, in fact, refers to the diameter of the rotary joint. The inner diameter of 15A is 15mm. The inner diameter of 50A is 50mm. It's simple。 But now the inside diameter of the swivel joint is getting smaller and smaller, which has confused some people. At present, many rotary joints do not reach the size of the mark. About 12mm of 15A; about 18mm of 20A; 25A is about 22mm; about 30mm of 32A; about 38mm of 40A. It's basically two small and three millimeters long. And small to five millimeters. The purpose of this is to ensure the sealing width of the internal fittings H ring. Do it according to the inside diameter of the standard. The width of the seal is only two or three mm. This makes it easier to leak.

      Some people might say why the Japanese rotary joint, the Korea rotary joint and the Taiwan swivel joint have a wide sealing surface, but the path is enough? I have noticed this problem in the long run. The Japanese rotary joint, the Korea swivel joint and the Taiwan swivel joint are all made of a larger type of seal. The bearings are 600. Everyone knows all about the bearings. 600 bearing and 620 bearing outer diameter the same case, the diameter is 600 of the big. Japan rotary joints, etc., is the use of this point to increase the internal seal. In this way, the diameter of the swivel joint is large. Domestic does not use this structure, the biggest reason is the cost problem. 600, bearing beads small, stability is not as good as 620. To 600 stability up, it is necessary to use materials and other aspects of performance are better bearings. That will increase the cost. You see, the price of imported rotary joints is different from that of domestic rotary joints. Domestic rotary joints have been peer competition and malicious extrusion of customers, no profit margins. Rotating joint production enterprises, if they refer to the standards of Japanese rotary joints to produce, but to the same domestic rotary joint price to sell, not only no profits, but also loss of a pool of confusion. And domestic customers do not necessarily buy it. The swivel joints do not look the same. Internal components are special. There is no place to buy parts when the swivel joint is out of order. For these reasons, the domestic rotating joints have been afraid of innovation.